Grossmont Adult Education (GAE) has been the number one adult education provider in San Diego’s East County since 1946. At four main campuses and more than 100 sites, GAE offers classes and programs in English as a second language, medical and other technical careers, Basic, Secondary and Lifelong Education. All our classes are free and support you in getting career ready.

High School and Academic Programs
Courses in the academic programs help students improve basic skills, and/or earn a high school equivalency certificate or complete a high school diploma.
Earning a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate can open doors for future employment and provide students with the skills and confidence to pursue bigger goals. Our certificated academic teachers are committed to ensuring that students master college and career readiness skills including critical thinking; problem solving; and reading, writing, and speaking effectively.
For all academic courses, orientation is required as a first step. An assessment and academic advising appointment ensure that students are enrolled in courses that meet their needs and support them in achieving their goals.
All courses are free.

Career Technical Training
Grossmont Adult Education offers vital career-developing and career-transition classes preparing students for entry-level jobs or transitions to advanced training or certifications at our community colleges. Programs range from technology-based business and finance classes to real estate, automotive and cosmetology classes. We are proud of our advanced manufacturing programs that address the high-demand needs of our regional industry partners, and provide opportunities for higher-wage employment for our students. The long-standing and very successful welding program serves as our manufacturing cornerstone class. Our introductory training in cutting-edge CADD and Digital Fabrication classes address the needs of our newer advanced manufacturing partners.

Medical Careers
The Health Occupations Center (HOC) specializes in courses in the medical field. At times when workers in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics are in high demand, HOC graduates are ready to enter the job force, because they have the skills needed to be a vital component to any healthcare team. Instructors credentialed with the State of California in their area of expertise, an industry standard curriculum, state of the art training labs, and internships aid the students in becoming highly skilled medical workers. On average, 60% of students are employed in the healthcare field within 1 year of their graduation.

English Language Programs
English matters. We are serving students from all walks of life and at all levels of English language competency, from pre-literacy to English for Academic and Business Communication. Our intensive, advanced programs provide career-specific technical English classes, teach basic skills within the context of job training, and assist refugees with limited English, refugees with foreign degrees, and immigrants in overcoming substantial cultural barriers. We meet the requirements for in-demand occupations or industries by designing short-term English language classes tailored to our community’s business needs.

Career Services
East Region Adult Education is the only Adult Education consortium in the state of California that receives federal funds to operate an America’s Job Center. The center’s mission is to assist job seekers with their employment needs and to assist employers with finding qualified employees. All job seekers qualify for no cost services and have access to a full menu specifically designed to prepare them for today’s labor market. Services include career assessment, labor market research, interview practice, and development of an individual employment plan.